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Early Cherokee County Doctors and Lawyers

Early Cherokee County Doctors and Lawyers


The first members of the Cherokee County medical corps were Doctor A. C. Denson of Lockranzie, Doctors T. J. Moore, J. H. Vaught and Cosby Vining of Rusk and Doctor Jackson of Jack­sonville. Among newcomers during the next three decades were Doctors E. W. Jenkins, Toliver P. Hicks, William Finch, Charles B. Raines, S. J. Lewis, M. W. Armstrong, C. C. Francis, J. S. Wiegman, Wallace McDonald,  H. L. Givens, L. R. Peacock (surgeon dentist), D. Castleberry, J. R. Vaughn, I. K. Frazer, T. Y. T. Jamieson, W. G. Jameson, Charles A. Wade, Charles Cannon, J. T. Wiggins and J. Pat Clark of Rusk ; Doctors J. S. Lindsey, John Ray, A. K. Middleton, B. F. Brittain, J. B. Fuller, T. K. Chester, J. H. Stuart, W. R. Cloud, L. Lloyd, Chapman, Shelton, Black, Taylor, Fowler, Johnson, Robinson, Porter and Smith of Jacksonville; Doctors P. H. Butler, W. L. Kirksey, M. A. Gaston, A. F. Wilson, John Collier and J. M. Noel of Alto; Doctors John A. Shamblin, R. D. Bone, William H. Camp­bell and U. G. M. Walker of Larissa; Doctor J. M. Brittain of Griffin; Doctor J. T. Rountree of Knoxville; and Doctor Edwin Hendricks of Box's Creek. A number of these, including Doctors Brittain, Lloyd, Frazer and Fuller, served their communities more than half a century. Doctor R. T. Tennison of Summerfield is the dean of the present corps of Cherokee physicians. After graduation from medical school in 1878, he returned to the farm on which he was born and shouldered the ills of a territory fif­teen miles square. He is still there, dispensing medicine from the same little bottle-lined office.`


While William C. Daniel has the distinction of being the first lawyer to open an office in the county, he was soon followed by S. L B. Jasper, Joseph L. Hogg, Rufus Chandler, R. H. Guinn, Samuel A. Erwin, S. P. Donley, M. H. Bonner, A. H. Shanks, W. B. Davis and F. W. Bonner. Among other early comers were Thomas J. Jennings, E. B. Ragsdale, T. T. Gam­mage, Thomas J. Johnson, John T. Deckard, J. J. A. Barker, Abraham Glidewell and G. K. Grimes. In the '60s additional names appear—Jefferson Shook, M. D. Priest, S. A. Willson, E. L. Gregg, T. R. Bonner, J. H. Cannon and others. Among outstand­ing lawyers of still more recent date are J. E. Shook, J. P. Gibson, James L Perkins, Sr., S. P. Willson, Charles IL Martin, E. C. Dickinson, J. F. Beall, M. J. Whitman, F. B. Guinn, Lee D. Guinn and C. F. Gibson.

Since R. H. Guinn opened his office in Rusk in 1847, members of the Guinn family have continuously practiced law in the county seat. The firm is now composed of M. M. and E. D. Guinn, two of his grandsons. The Shook family for four successive generations has been represented in the legal profession—Jeffer­son Shook, J. E. Shook, W. H. Shook and John Louis Shook.

A history of Cherokee County, 1934 by Hattie Joplin Roach


The 1934 membership of the Cherokee County Medical Association is as follows: J. L. DuBose, Wells; J. B. Ramsey, Forest; J. M. Crawford, W. A. McDonald, and John L. Hatch, Alto; Charles W. Evans, Fastrill; J. M. Travis (president), R. T. Travis, L. L. Travis, W. IL Sory, F. A. Fuller, Fred Fuller, R. F. Brake, John B. McDougle, J. N. Bone, and C. H. Stripling, Jacksonville; Thomas H. Cobble (secretary-treasurer), E M. Moseley, R. C. Priest, J. F. Johnson, William Thomas, Lawrence Smith, C. A. Shaw, W. F. Perkins, E. W. Burnett, and Roy C. Sloan, Rusk; D. F. Gray, C.C.C. Camp.

The 1934 Cherokee Bar includes W. T. Norman, B. B. Perkins, M. M. Guinn, E. D. Guinn, J. W. Chandler, Jr., W. E. Stone, Frank L. Devereux, G. W. Gibson, S. A. Norman, E. B. Lewis, H. T. Brown, John B. Guinn, W. J. Gar­rett, James I. Perkins, Jr., John C. Box, Sr., John C. Box, Jr., Thomas Shearon, D. L. Harry, W. H. Shook, and Ray H. Odom. As will be noted, many of these are descendants of pioneer lawyers.