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Copperas Cove History 1936

Copperas Cove History Written in 1936


Copperas Cove is located in the southern extremity of the county on State Highway 53, and on the Sante Fe Railway extending from Temple to Brownwood.

According to Mr. Jesse Clements, who was born seventy-eight years ago at Old Peary, near where Moody is now located, thy: basin in which the town is situated, has been known as Copperas Cove from the earliest coming of white people. The location is a large natural basin surrounded by five prominent hills with a gap outlet between each two of them. Five outlets, and five hills. the city of five hills.

When stock raising was the only industry, this basin was the spring roundup ground for a large territory. Here, separating and branding were worked out. Southwest of the present townsite, a large spring of copperas water flowed out of a cave in the hillside. This was the camp ground for the cow outfits, and the spring gave the name for the basin, and later the town.

In 1871, Jesse M. Clements bought a vast track of land here and drove a herd of cattle from Smith County to stock it. Others who soon settled here were Joe Bullock in the early 1870's. Brown Gilmore came in 1878 and H. K. Clem in 1878.

On Mr. Clement's first settling, he fenced a farm of 160 acres with stone. He built a home of rawhide lumber, which was sawed at a mill on the Lampasas River.

The first post office was in the farm home of a Mr. Ogletree, who lived two miles south of the present town-site. The place was known in 1880 as Ogletree. In 1881 the postoffice was moved to the present townsite, and took the name it now bears. In 1880 the Grange Store, a farmers cooperative, was established near the present school site on the then Lampasas and Belton road. This was a stage line relay station.

The Santa Fe Railway entered the town in 1882. Mr. J. M. Clements gave land for the townsite, school grounds, and the land for the Methodist Church property in 1883. Mr. Clements stipulated that the railway company parcel' out the business and resident lots alternately to the company and the public. The Methodist established the first church in 1883. The Baptist first held services in the school house. Sam Fulsom and Prof. Gibson were early school teachers.



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