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Oglesby History 1936

Oglesby Public Schools
Oglesby is proud of her schools. Two excellent buildings, one stone and the other brick, having a total of ten class rooms, with stage and auditorium. Approximately three hundred pupils are instructed here. The grounds are kept in good condition, and for the delivery of students from rural districts, two all-steel school buses of the latest type are daily used.

The school year 1935-36 found the Oglesby school with twelve teachers in its faculty, and another bus added to its transportation unit. Commercial subjects were added to the curriculum and eight new typewriters were purchased for the commercial department. As the school term closes, it is found that two and one-half additional units of affiliation have been recommended. This will bring the total to eighteen, which, according to bulletin of the department of education is he maximum allowed a school of this size.

The Oglesby school system has been designated as the receiving school for the east part of Coryell County. It now affords high school facilities for eight school districts, including the original district and the three with which it is consolidated. The progress of his school is in keeping with the progress of the county as a whole and is a unit of which Coryell may be proud.

Industrial development is represented by the F. B. Lam Mill and Elevator and Produce business. In addition he operates one of the best gins in the county. Grantham and Meader own another modern gin. The two gin approximately 4000 bales of cotton annually.

Guy W. Draper is president and Victor Harper is cashier of the First National Bank. Miss Ida Stockburger is postmistress, P. nd her brother John Stockburger is assistant. Oglesby has furnished two Representatives in the Texas Legislature. J. H. Morris served in the 32nd and the 33rd Legislatures and Earl Huddleston the present incumbent having served during the 43rd and 44th Legislatures. It might be mentioned here that Mr. Morris was a native of Milam County and Mr. Huddleston of Coryell.

Oglesby still has a blacksmith shop, a business that has been honored through all ages. This shop is owned and operated by G. R. Green, a native of this community.

There is not a vacant business or residence building in the town, which in its way speaks for the prosperity and progress of the community.

Prominent agriculturists are G. I. Green, Calvin Green, R. H. Alexander, Jim McKelvain, Felix A. Morris, Jim Caudle, and others. T. P. Rucker is both farmer and merchant. P. E. Jones is also a successful farmer. I. N. Green of the Ross community is a successful farmer. Harry Johnson is a farmer and has served several terms as County Commissioner of Beat 3.

History of Coryell County, 1936, by Frank E. Simmons


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