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Nacogdoches - General Information 1927

General Information about the City of Nacogdoches 1927

Theatres : Moving pictures, 2; the Nacogdoches Little Theatre Club ; auditoriums : two at S. F. A. College and one at high school, total seating capacity, 3,000.

Location : Midway between Dallas and Beaumont, and Shreveport and Houston, at intersection of two main lines of the Southern Pacific system as well as .being served by the Nacogdoches & Southeastern line ; have motor bus lines radiating in five directions ; six hours to Dallas or Houston, four to Shreveport, five to Beaumont.

Principal industries : Frost-Johnson Lumber Industries with payroll of $40,000 monthly ; J. E. Stone Lumber Co., with payroll of $12,000 monthly ; S. F. Austin Teachers College with payroll of $140,000 yearly ; cotton seed oil mill, ice factory, three cotton gins, two soft drink bottling works, hardwood mill, machine shop, oil refinery, hair tonic factory (doing a national business of major proportions), cigar factory, retail lumber yards, wholesale lumber dealers, four wholesale grocery houses (total business last year more than $2,000,000 gross), nine automobile dealer agencies, 30 retail gasoline filling stations, two candy factories, two newspapers, two grist mills, two mattress factories, one light and power plant, one waterworks and sewerage system and two battery stations.

Special information : Nacogdoches, the second oldest town in Texas was first settled in 1769; has old Stone Fort which served as gateway to wilderness of Texas for half a century ; filled with beautiful homes of old Southern architecture as well as modern bungalows ; has 10 miles of paved streets ; has 1000 telephones ; has 90X) water service connections ; an assessed valuation of nearly $4,000,000 in city limits, city tax rate of $1.50, school tax of 87 cents and over 2200 enrolled in public schools to say nothing of 2000 students enrolled annual­ly in the teachers college.

Miscellaneous data : Average ;temperature, 60 degrees ; average number of rainy days in year, 45 ; most pleasant months, April, May, June, September, October, November and December.

Residential features : Owing to both college and public school facilities, Nacogdoches probably is one of the most desirable places anywhere for residence.

Special information : The Texas Power and Light Company recently have taken over the power plant and plan a high-power line into the city from their big power plant at Trinidad, Texas. Proposal is being made at time of print­ ing this hook of running a natural gas line through the city.

The Book of Nacogdoches County, Texas : containing brief sketches of early history of the county with outstanding facts about the present progress of its agriculture, the county's resources, development and opportunities, 1927